Our Ghostly Experience In Dover, England

Our ghostly experience in Dover, England

.dover ghost 2

Now, I am not a big believer in the supernatural. Even after this experience I still have reservations and think that sometimes, people make up a fair amount to make a good story. But I will say, after this trip, it has made me stop, pause, and wonder, if just maybe there is something else out there.

To set the stage, Dover has its roots steeped in medieval times dating back as far as the late 1100’s. The magnificent Dover Castle is built on the edge of great white chalk cliffs that seem to almost glow in the sunlight. Dover is most famous for the extensive tunnels that are built into the cliff, some dating back to the Napoleonic and Revolutionary wars but was most heavily used during WWII.

During WWII the tunnels were used as bunkers, officer quarters, strategic operations and hospital for the wounded. Many soldiers died in the surgery wards.

We were on a tour of the tunnels. We had passed through some of the offices, storerooms and communication room when we came to the hospital surgery room. This is where a ghost made its presence known by attempting to inhabit or communicate through our youngest son, Ian.

Ian is not someone who scares easy or is timid. Quite the contrary! He is a typical rough and tumble boy who loves to climb to the very tippy top of trees, explore dark damp caves, meandering tunnels, see what creepy crawly things are under rocks and the such. So when I describe what he was experiencing you can understand my alarm.

Ian started to lean on my and hold my hand. He told me that he was not feeling very good. When I asked him what was wrong, what was he feeling. He said that his stomach was yucky and he felt like he was going to throw up. I bent down to look at him, and he looked so pale it scared me! It was at that moment that he fainted! If I have not been looking down at him I would not have been able to catch him before he hit the floor. That was very alarming! We were in the depths of the tunnels and my son (was 9 years old at the time) was half my height. It was to far to carry him out the way we came, so I had to carry him to the service elevator and take him to the surface by that method.

On the surface, we sat on a bench waiting for my husband and other son to rejoin us while he rested and recouped. After waiting about 20 minutes, we were all together again and Ian was feeling much better and practically back to his old crazy active self.

We decided to walk the medieval castle walls, turrets, cannon alcoves. Before we knew it, our casual walking had turned into running as we were going up one staircase and down another as we made our way down to the dungeons, through the halls, stoping now and then to pretend that we were firing the cannons or shooting arrows through the window at an invading army.
As we were passing through one of the passageways I turned around and took a picture behind me. I had no real reason for doing so, it was just an empty stone passageway. I just wanted a picture of where we had been, I guess.

It was not until we got home and were going through all the pictures that we noticed something particular about that one picture. In the center of the picture there was a blue sphere that was just hanging there in mid air!

At first, we thought that maybe it was dust particles or maybe a reflection or one of the lights. Then we noticed that there were no other dust particles floating around. There was nothing to cause a reflection off the stone walls and you can see a light on the ceiling, it is not blue, but a soft yellow. Very curious indeed! Perhaps one of these days we will be able to go back to Dover and retrace our steps to see if we can capture another mysterious picture.


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