Main St. Arts Festival Ft. Worth

If you have not had to opportunity to experience the Main Street Arts Festival in Ft. Worth, then you are missing out! It was fun, informative and an all around great way to spend a weekend! It show cased new and upcoming artists from around the country. There was a wide variety of media represented, everything from glass, metal, mixed, pottery, leather, water color, sketch and digital art. What festival would be complete without food vendors and live entertainment. My husband and I watched Wacky Chad, a performer that was quite talented and funny! He did juggleing and balancing acts on very tall unicycles, itty bitty bikes and pogo sticks!  Wacky Chad

There were so many vendors that we went both saturday and sunday. The weather was beautiful on Saturday and people turned out in droves! It was a fabulous day for people watching as there was such a diverse crowd enjoying the art and food vendors, in addition to the diverse art there was also a fun selection of entertainment. We listened to live music while we had a lunch of mojitos and super sized corn dogs.

Sunday was a bit quieter, as far as crouds were concerned so we were able to talk to some of the artists and they even divulged some of their not to top-secret secrets. Nile Fahmy of Tattooed Tinker Studio shared that  he starts with a thin sheet of copper and the more he pounds and shapes the copper the thicker it gets. Wow! Not a reaction that you would expect from pounding on a piece of copper! He does some truely beautiful and unique work! 

Kit Karbler and Dmitri Rudenko, Glass
Kit Karbler and Dmitri Rudenko, Glass
There were so many amazing artists at the festival there is just no way to talk about each and every one of them and they each brought their unique flare and style to showcase.  Kit Karbler and Dmitri Rudenko of Denver, Co displayed amazing glass work and Rebecca Villarreal displayed mixed-media that showed that science can be art as well with her displays of life and death. One of her displays showed a small bird with its wings spread showing its feathers and then a similar bird with all of its feathers, skin and muscles removed so that all that was left were the bones.

Rebecca Villarreal, Mixed-media
Rebecca Villarreal, Mixed-media
It was a great way to spend a weekend close to home in Texas!


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