New declaration! 

Here ye! Here ye! I am making a declaration that today should be zero motivation day! Why you ask? Well, because I have zero motivation today! I have chores to do, stories and adventures to write about projects to start (or finish) and I don’t feel like moving my behind out of this chair.  Oh, I know I will eventually, once the caffine kicks in, but untill then, here I sit, ranting about having no motivation and would love nothing more than to sit here on  my patio watching the birds fly from feeder to feeder scratching out the bird food from the feeder (that I will have to refill once I encounter some motivation) looking for that one particular tasty morsel or chasing a bug that had the unfortunate luck of flying into the birds field of view. Or I could sit here and watch the pool vacuum (which we call sharky) make its irregular zig-zag  circular path across the pool, occasionally rising to the surface spraying water, but like I said, I have little motivation this morning. 

One cup of caffeine down. The turltes, (Jade and Carmine, Red-eared sliders who have been with us for several years and moved with us from Alaska) are asking in their silent turtle voice to be fed. The birds have empied one of the feeders and have decided to raid the fig tree of ripe figs.  I really should get up now. A cute little baby lizard just scampered across the patio. Maybe I will get up now and do a little weeding, that won’t take much effort, I can sit while I do it. I think the caffeine is kicking in. I think I will get up and see if my motivation is hiding in the laundry or maybe in the weed-over-run flower beds, you never know it could be hiding in the fig tree with the nice juciy ripe figs that the birds are eating. You just never know sometimes where motivation likes to hide, it is such a sneaky little critter. I think the time has come to go a hunting.


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