We all need more of this!

We all need water. Every living being, plant, animal and humans alike, we all need it to survive. We need to drink it, we need good clean rain, we need to swim in it to cool us down. August is National Water Quality Month, in honor of this precious recourse that we all need and some areas of the world are in desperate short supply of, I would like to challenge you to seek a way to conserve water in your own life, around your own home. I urge you to read a couple of blog entries of a blogging friend of mine by the name of Maddy, who has written some very good articles on why we should abandon bottled water, titled Why you should say no to bottled water and Where do plastic water bottles go?

Did you know that El Nino of 2015 may be one of the strongest events on record? Drought conditions have intensified in the US as well as many parts of Europe and the Mediterranean. Switzerland, that very quiet country that is seldom in the news has begun transporting water to its cattle located in the southern parts via helicopter and Indonesia is warning of potential failed crop harvests due to El Nino. Drought stricken Africa has increased its affected area to include the equatorial area and parts in the northern areas. Their maize production is down an incredible 32%!

In the United States the droughts have aided wildfires in Washington state and California, nearly decimating Washington and burning nearly 5.5 MILLION acres! Many firefighters have lost their lives trying to battle this blaze that just will not go away and hundreds of homes have been destroyed or threatened as people are evacuated, fleeing for their lives and hoping that they will have something to return to in the end.

As I have recently become a member of a blogging community that stretches to the farthest corners of the world, I urge you, think not of yourself and your immediate close-nit community that may or may not be affected by drought at this time, but think of your neighbors that are not just down the street but across the ocean or in a neighboring country. When you brush your teeth, don’t just let the water run, turn it off when you are not using it. When you are watering your gardens and grass, use only the amount that you need, don’t leave puddles or better yet, install rain barrels to catch the rain, that water is better for your plants anyways and you can plant fertilizer (organic would be great) to the barrels so you are also feeding your plants every time you water.

Be kind to this earth, it is the only one we have and it has to last us for generations yet.


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