At the airport!

The long anticipated day has finally arrived! We are at the airpot! Yeaaa!!! Yippy skip!! We are all so excited, all the prepwork and planning, I can take a breather and relax at least until we get off the plane in London. 

I will admit that I was a bit concerned about going through security at DFW because of the TSA shake up last week, but we went through very easy and smoothly. Alex and Ian, our two boys, thought for sure that I would be held up because it happens so frequently to me when I fly.  I will admit that there are times when I have things in my carry-on that make the TSA cock their heads and say, “huh?”. Like when I brought back hand-painted sinks from Mexico or coral tiles, also from Mexico. Then there was that time when we were coming back from Mexico and customs thought we had a bag full of bullets and a guard armed with a machine gun all of a sudden appeared behind my husband with his gun pointed at my husband. They were talking very stearnly and aggressivly to us, my husband was asking me what I put in his bag.  They unloaded the bag with much caution and hesitation and more armed guards. It turns out that what they werre seeing in the x-ray was the weights on our casting net for fishing! That was a very a very tense and a bit scary! 

Hopefully, we won’t have to many scares this trip, but they do make for great stories afterwards! I will make as many posts as I can during this trip and keep you up to date on the memories we are creating on this trip that we will be recalling for years to come and that we will be able to laugh about when we are old and gray….. at least older and grayer than we are now! 

Stay tuned!


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