What did you do this weekend?

Labor Day, which is the first Monday in September, is a national holiday to honor the contributions that American workers have made to our country as a whole and within the communities that they live in and to celebrate the national labor movement of the 1880’s. Labor Day is typically celebrated today with friends and families gathering together in parks or backyards firing up the BBQ’s filling the air with the wonderful mouth-watering aroma of chicken, steaks, hot dogs being grilled to perfection slathered in sweet honey bourbon bbq sauces touched with smoke from charcoal briquets and tables filled with potato salad, chips and desserts. Labor Day has also come to signifiy the last hurah of summer and a new beginning to a new season as the days get cooler and kids return to school.

This year, we celebrated with a relaxing weekend with friends in a community where our days consisted of sleeping in late, bobbing in the pool, shopping for terra cotta pots and a trip across the border to Mexico. Now that the weekend is over, it is time to stop laying around and sleeping in late and return to the regular daily grind, what ever that may be for you, and get back to work!

What did you do this weekend?

See more of this kind of artwork at

Swetsville Zoo in Ft. Collins, CO

scrap metal + imagination=wow!
more artwork from this weekend

Swetsville Zoo


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