Travel Opportunities abound!


Earlier this summer I had took the opportunity to become involved in something that has been around since people have owned homes, had animals to care for and have traveled. In short, housesitting. In the past it has been neighbors, friends or family that would take care of your home and furry family members while you were on vacation or an extended leave. Well, now there is a new movement that is rocking the travel world, making it more convenient to go on vacations and holiday in addition to taking that once in a lifetime job opportunity across the world with out having to liquidate your assets to get there. That movement is being driven by a company based out of London called Trusted Housesitters. The company founded by Andy Peck and Rachel Martin has been around since 2010 after pet sitting in Spain and realizing the huge need for this service.

Through Trusted Housesitters you, (the house sitter) can travel the world while saving money on your housing costs simply by caring for someone else’s furry family members and their home and you, (the needs the sitter) can travel with peace of mind knowing that your home and pets are safe, secure and well cared for. This is a win-win situation!

I had the opportunity to care for an adorable dog and kitten, Skipper and Dixie respectively, near my own home. Their owners are transplants to Texas from Alaska as well so we had many things in common. I would feed and water Skipper and Dixie a couple of times a day, entertain Dixie for a bit, she has the softest hair! I would take Skipper for  walks and let him play in our pool. He felt like he was at doggie summer camp! Skipper has this unique habit of standing on his hind feet when he is excited and crossing his front paws and waving them in a up-down motion.

I’m going to get it!
Hanging out by the pool

This has been one of my more enjoyable assignments and something that I will continue to pursue for several reasons. First, growing up on a farm, I do enjoy animals and their personalities. Second, who would not like to travel and save money on housing costs! You cover your airfare but the world is your oyster with so many places see and experience, as a house sitter you will undoubtedly be able to see and experience life in that location that you would not have been exposed to as a tourist.


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