How to design an awesome entry for the holidays

Go from this
Go from this
To this
To this

Do you have this amazing entry to your house and have been wondering what you could do with it? Check this idea out! This design idea will work for any entry large or small that has an over hang of some kind to hang the wire frame from. I did this in my entry which has a rather high ceiling. I will give you a step-by-step guide on how to recreate the same effect for your entry. All the foliage can be easily found at Michaels, Hobby Lobby or your local thrift store.

First step is to put up the wire frame that everything will hang from.  Use a 14 gauge galvanized steel welded wire fencing. This will be sturdy enough to hold the weight of all the goodies that you will be putting on it! Measure the width of your entry and then add about 8-12″.  This extra length will work like a friction fit if you have a brick entry with a ledge close to the top. For added protection use screws and wire holders to secure the frame to the walls and create a slight arch.

First thing on the frame will be the base or background lights. These will be the mini lights (color of your choosing depending on the holiday or if you  want this display to last through several holidays (I.E. Harvest, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years) then you can add lights for all the seasons now providing they are not to obvious. For example you would not want to hang large white snowflakes and pumpkin lights together because you will be able to see them even when they are not plugged in., zig-zag several strings of these light from one end of the frame to the next and attach to the frame with twist ties or zip ties. NOTE: if you are doing multiple holidays make sure that you only connect lights together for the SAME holiday. Start each new light string in the same corner closest to your power source that way you can plug-in your Halloween lights and the Christmas lights will stay dark and therefore hidden in the foliage and vise versa.  Don’t worry if it looks thin, you will  be adding more lights later.

flickering candle lights
Flickering Candle Lights

Next, add your base green fill. This will be just a plain greenery swag about 4′ long that you can pick up at Micheals or Hobby Lobby. Depending on the size of your entry, you will need four to start with. I like to get a mixture of the wire pine bough swag that are really easy to attach to the wire frame by twisting a small branch to the frame to hold it in place and the plastic ones that look fuller but you have to attach with zip ties. Attach these to the wire frame in a row pattern so the tips of the boughs just barely touch.

The next layer to add will be the decorative lights, the icicles, flickering flame, skulls, snowflakes, ect. Put these up a little loosely (so the wires are not tight to the frame), you want them to “peek” through the foliage and other things you will be putting up. You will need only two to three strands depending on the size of the entry. Attach them to the frame in a large and wide zig-zag pattern across the entry. For example, start in one corner then go to the midway point on the opposite side and then go to the opposite corner.

The next thing that you put up will be the fall color swags, Halloween swags or Christmas swag. You will need 4-6 of these depending on how “full” you want it to look. Attach these to the wire frame in a loose, half-hazzard zig-zag pattern. You do not want a “line pattern” with these, you want them to look “natural”, like they grew there.

fall design

After you have the swags up add your “filler”. Use silk flowers to fill in the spaces where you can still see spaces between swags or it jus looks a little thin still. To attach the flowers either bend the flower base so that it can hang from the wire frame or weave the stem through the wire frame. Bend the flower so that it is hanging down as if it was growing on an arbor and you are looking up at it. Use a variety of flower styles and color combinations that fit your theme.

fall critters

Once that is done and your entry is looking full and absolutely amazing, add your hidden highlights or peek-a-boos. By that I mean add small woodland animals, fairies, small hanging gourds, ghosts, bats, presents, ect. Hang some from the wire frame and swags at different heights to create even more depth to the display. Tuck some in the corners peeking out from behind the flowers. You want some of these features to be kind of hidden so that when someone is looking at it they see some things that are out in the open and some they have to search for. Kids and adults have fun with that!

For the Harvest entry pictured here I started with fall colors, then the 1st week of October I will put up Halloween foliage and Halloween lights, then the 1st week of November I will take down the Halloween lights and foliage and I will be left with the harvest decorations for Thanksgiving that will take me through to Christmas when I will take down the fall foliage and put up Christmas themed foliage and lights. Through out all of this the base lights and foliage stays the same.


That is how you create an amazing entry for the holidays! Have fun designing your own creation in your entry! Please feel free to post pictures of your creation! I would love to see what you did!


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