Next Stop…. Louisiana!

In preparatory celebration for experiencing  all the sights, sounds, and tastes of Halloween in New Orleans I thought it would be fun to learn and share some informative, interesting and down right weird tidbits about Louisiana and one of its largest cities, New Orleans.

  • Louisiana was first successfully settled in 1718 after the French explorer Rene-Robert Cavelier had claimed it for France in 1682.
  • Louisiana became the 18th state of the Union on August 30,1812
  • There is a bill in the State House of Representatives that fixed a ceiling on haircuts for bald men of 25 cents.
  • There have been over 30 hurricanes that have hit Louisiana since 1900. The most notable Hurricane in recent history being Katrina (2005). Hurricane Isaac’s (2012) storm surge was so powerful that the Mississippi River ran backwards for 24 hours.
  • Louisiana does not have counties like some other states.Their political divisions are called parishes instead.
  • It is illegal to gargle in public….. seriously!
  • Louisiana is the only state that has a population of Cajuns, descendants of a 17th century settlement called Acadia in the northeastern section of  North America that includes parts of eastern Quebec, the Maritime provinces of Canada and Maine that were driven out of Canada in the mid-1700’s.
  • Louisiana is the only state that still refers to the Napoleonic Code in its state law which forbids privileges based on birth and allows freedom of religion.
  • With that being said, if you are a palm reader, fortune-teller or mystic it is illegal for you to officiate a wedding in New Orleans.
  • The town of Jean Lafitte was once a hideaway for pirates.
  • New Orleans hosts the world-renowned celebration of Mardi Gras. An ancient southern Europe custom brought to Louisiana by the French that celebrates food and fun on Fat Tuesday just before Lent, 40 days of prayer and personal sacrifice.
  • New Orleans Voodoo has its roots from African slaves.
  • If you bite someone in Louisiana with your natural teeth it is considered a simple assault but if you bite them with false teeth it is considered aggravated assault.

this one made me laugh…..

  • You are not allowed to tie an alligator to a fire hydrant in New Orleans!
Can’t tie your alligator to a fire hydrant

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